Week 1, Race Week! – End of Summer Half

I woke up Monday ready to go for some cross training workouts and opened my app to see what was scheduled for the day and this popped up!


So after thinking about it, I thought was probably a better idea to not do the 2 CT days I had planned.  It usually does make me a little more tired throughout the week when I do all 5 workouts. I pushed hard for my speed workout though and actually tried out some new paces because again it just wasn’t challenging. I think I started at 7.3mph for two sets but had to increase it for the next ones and ended at 7.7 mph. I could probably get away with going a 7 something min/mile for all 5 sets.

The easy run I decided to run with my boyfriend. Thinking ‘oh hey it’ll be fun, he can pace me!’ Yeah no I should have just gone myself lol. It was fine, it was just hotter than expected and we ran at like a 9:30 pace. I could have settled for 9:50 lol.

Today (friday) I am relaxing, ate some chipotle for a late lunch/dinner, and drinking lots of water. Im not sure if that was a good idea (the whole chipotle thing) or what hah but we will find out tomorrow! I’ve had about 90+ ounces of water today. I just drank some electrolytes (Heed) for the night. And will have another serving in the morning while I eat breakfast.

Here is my training from this past week:

MONDAY – Rest day

TUESDAY – Speed work: 5 x 1000m (8:13, 8:13, 8:06, 7:53, 7:47) with 400m recovery.

Total miles: 4.64 miles. Total time: 51 min. 

WEDNESDAY – Rest day

THURSDAY – Easy Run : 3 miles

Total miles: 3 miles.  Total time: 29:01 min.

FRIDAY –  Rest day

SATURDAY – RACE DAY!!  [ be on the look out for a race recap! ]

Total weekly miles: 20.74 miles. (including estimated race milage)

I am off to bed in an hour or so. I’ll be going to bed around 8-9p and wake up around 4-5a. Check my twitter for updates throughout race day tomorrow!




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