Running in New Rochelle, 2 weeks out – End of Summer Half

This week went really well with training! I was able to get in both days of cross training. Skipped the speed workout, which I planned on skipping because I had started this week late with my runs. This week’s tempo run, I ran inside on the treadmill. I bet I could have ran it outside, it was a semi nice day out and wasn’t too humid but I wanted to make sure I ran it at the correct pace. And only having mapmyrun tell me my pace every .5 miles aka not having a garmin isn’t enough to keep me going when trying to run at a faster pace. I did 3 miles at 9 min/mile. Which was HARD. I had to stop a few times chug some water and continue. I think the whole 2 mile warm up before was what hurt me during that run. I was already so tired after the warm up. Which is silly because I’ve done tempo runs with warm ups before, but it could’ve been just the day.

The long run this week was fun! I tried a new route again, we drove up to a neighborhood in New Rochelle that was near a trail. Andrew did his 4 mile trail run there and I busted out my 8miler around the neighborhood. A very rich neighborhood, that’s for sure! There were quite a few hills here and there. We started at 12:30pm…so it was a hot one, about 87 degrees when I finished. I had to stop at Mikky Ds for the bathroom at mile 3. Mile 4, 5, 6 were rough! But surprisingly I had an average pace of 9:50! And my goal pace was 9:55. I’ve really been surprising myself when it comes to runs that I think I’m running horrible, or think I can’t finish, or wanting to quit. My splits for that run are below. You can see where I was struggling and then when I picked myself back up and kept going!

WEDNESDAY – Cross training  indoors on the bike. 15min easy, 15min tempo, 5min hard, 10min easy. Total time: 45min. Total miles: 14.9 miles.

THURSDAY – Tempo run indoors on the treadmill. Consisted of 2 miles easy progression to tempo speed, 3miles at 9:00min/mile, 1 mile easy. I finished the tempo 3 miles in 27:11min. Total time: 1:06:31 min. Total miles: 6.1 miles. 

FRIDAY –  Rest day!

SATURDAY – Cross training indoors on the bike. Consisted of 10min easy, 3x (2min hard, 3min tempo), 10min easy. Total time: 35 min. Total miles: 12 miles.

SUNDAY – Long run 8miles at 9:50min/mile. Total time: 1:18:49 min. Total miles: 8miles.

Total weekly miles: 41 miles.

I have one more week of training before the End of Summer Half Marathon. The race is on Saturday and starts at 8am. I will have to get there before the race for bib pickup and everything. We’re thinking we’ll get there at 7am, so we’ll have to leave the house at 6. Andrews going to drive me this time, so I don’t have to deal with subway nonsense. And since it’s in Queens it’ll be easy to drive there. The subway had me running to the start of my last half marathon and I got there after the start! Lol. That was too stressful.  I’m thinking I’ll wake up an hour and half before we leave (4:30) eat my oatmeal and PB with possibly some egg whites. This way I have time to make sure I go to the bathroom at the house and won’t have to worry about that down there.  Then come 7:30 ish Ill have a granola bar and/or banana. I am also going to shoot for only having 1 gel for the entire race but that depends on how I’m feeling. I’m going to bring 2 just in case. Normally I have one around mile 4-5 and another at 9. But I’ve been trying not to become so dependent on them and not have one for anything under 6miles and then only take 1 during my long runs over 6 miles. But for now especially since it’ll be a race day I’ll see how I feel and do what I need to then. As for the weather on Saturday, it says it will be min of 72 and max of 90 with sun all day. Lol soo hopefully its not too too hot in the morning!

This week on Friday I’ll post up my last week of training up on the blog. And then will post up a full race report over the weekend! So get ready! 😀


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