Nike Running Club, 3 weeks out – End of Summer Half

Less than 2 weeks away from race day! Can you believe it?! Okay, well I am kind of getting pretty excited. This race will be my second half, i’ll be running it completely by myself, I won’t know anyone there, it is completely flat, it will be hot, and I am planning on a PR. The race is 6 weeks before my 3rd half in October so its like a quick pit stop to see where I’m at. My goals for this race, is yes to PR but also to show myself that I am capable of something I never thought was possible for myself.

This past week of training went overall pretty well. I hit all of my paces and even did better than planned. As for the speed work of 10 x 400m at 8:06. This was easy. I was going those sets comfortably. I definitely think after this race I will be reevaluating my times and upping my training times! This is great to see though, it shows that I am getting faster and becoming more comfortable at faster paces and farther distances. The long run for last week got push back a few days to Tuesday in the this week because the weekend was full of weddings and traveling and enjoying myself. I was back and forth with running the full 12 miles, even thought of skipping the whole thing, or doing at least 10. But then I thought if I run 10, whats 2 more miles?! I ended up running the 12 miles indoors on the treadmill because it was never going to get below 80 degrees outside. I made it into a progression run and started at 10:20 (5.6mph) and ended at ~8:20 (7.6mph), averaging out to a pace of 9:47! Kinda happy about that time 😀

This is what my next 2 weeks will look like coming up to race day. As far as rest days go, I may add them in for one of the CT days, depending how I am feeling. I will at least shoot for 1 CT day/week and then if I can get in 2, then great. Since I wasn’t able to get my long run in when I was supposed to over the weekend and ran it on Tuesday this week, I’m not going to have time to get in a speed workout this week. So I will only have 1 more of those before the race.

TUESDAY – Cross training: 10min easy, 30min tempo, 5min easy.   Total miles: 16.7 miles. Total time: 45 min. 

WEDNESDAY – Tempo run: 5.4 miles with Nike Running Club at 9-9:30 min/mile. I started with the 9 min pacers, however, half way through had to cut it down to the 9:30s because it was so ridiculously humid and hot. I was definitely struggling but I finished and under a 10 min/mile pace so thats good for me considering the heat. Total miles: 5.4 miles. Total time: 53:21 min. 

FRIDAY – Speed work at the hotel gym. 10 x 400m at 8:04 min/mile (7.5mph).Total miles: 4.6 miles. Total time: 46 min. 

TUESDAY – Long run: 12 miles on the treadmill
Total miles: 12 miles. Total time: 1:57:32 min. 

Weekly total miles: 38.8 miles. 


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