First 15 miler, Week 4 – End of Summer Half

Training for the End of Summer Half is winding down. 3 weeks now to go!

I was unsure about running more than 13 miles during my training, however, I went ahead this week and ran the 15 miler. My training plan for Run Less Run Faster goes up to 15 miles during week 4 and then will continue back down. The run overall went well! I was under the average pace I was planning for (actual: 10:05, goal: 10:00), my splits were better than I thought, and I enjoyed myself throughout it. Yes, the end was pretty tough and I really had to push myself (physically and mentally!) to finish the last 3 miles. I ran a new route down in Manhattan so that really helped it go by quick too!

The next 3 weeks should be pretty spot on with training and I’m going to get in more cross training days in as well.

Here was last weeks training:

MONDAY – Speed work: 3 x 1600m at a 8:27 pace (7.1mph on treadmill)

Total time: 33:18. Total miles: 3.5 miles. 

TUESDAY – Strength training  at Mountain Athletics

WEDNESDAY – Tempo run: 1 mile easy warm up + 6.23 miles at 9:33 min/mile with Nike Running club.

Total time: 59:20 min. Total miles: 7.23 miles.

SUNDAY – Long run: 15.5 miles at 10:00 pace. I was very surprised by my splits ( which averages each 2 miles) but makes me so happy to see especially running for 15 plus miles!

Total time: 2:35:05 min. Total miles: 15.5 miles.

Weekly total miles: 26.23 miles. 


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