Birthday week=rest week. Week 5 – End of Summer Half

Monday in all honesty I was planning on skipping out on my long run. Partially because I had so many miles in from last week already (even though most of it came from cross training) and second because I was being lazy. I did it though and it was fine! I made good time too. And good thing I did because the rest of the week I slacked off bad, as you can see! There were heat advisories out all week, which gave me the excuse to the skip my normal tues, wed, AND thurs workouts.

My friend was coming down to run my long run with me on Saturday so I was even considering not doing anything Friday! But I decided on some cross training which would be ideal.  Saturday, I did the first 10 miles with my friend and finished my last two myself.

Here is what the week looked like…  (with lots of sprinklers!!)

MONDAY – Long run: 10 miles at 10:13 min/mile

Total time: 1:42:34 min. Total miles: 10.03 miles.

TUESDAY – rest



FRIDAY – Cross training: Indoor bike 16.6 miles

Total time: 55 min. Total miles: 16.6 miles.

SATURDAY – Long run: 12 miles at 11:12 min/mile.

Total time: 2:14:27 min. Total miles: 12 miles.


Total Weekly miles:  38.63 miles.

For week 4 heres the plan!  I already pushed out my speed work on Monday. Tuesday will be strength training, Wed a 7 mile easy run, Friday cross training, and the weekend is 15 miles!!! 15 will be the most milage I have ran. I am thinking of running through the Bronx into Manhattan. If that happens, wish me luck. The plan for the next 3 weeks leading up to the race will be a 12 mile long run for week 3, a 8 mile long run for week 2 and then RACE WEEK!!!!



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