NYC Triathlon, week 6 – End of Summer Half

MONDAY – Rest day

TUESDAY – Cross training (in the am): Indoor bike 11.7 miles consisted of 8min easy, 7x(1min hard +2min easy), 10min easy.& Strength training (in the pm): Mountain Athletics strength workout with North Face in the city.
 Total miles: 11.7 miles.  Total time: 40 min. 

WEDNESDAY – Tempo run: 1.73 mile easy warm up from subway to Niketown, 5 mile tempo at 9:30min/mile with Nike Running Club in Central Park, 1 mile easy (walk) cool down from the park to Niketown then subway.

Total miles: 7.91 miles. Total time (of tempo): 49:19 min. 

THURSDAY – Rest day.  Supposed to go to mountain athletics but this week so far has killed me so I needed  to take today off.

FRIDAY – Cross training/speed work: indoor bike. I needed to get a speed workout in because I missed yesterday’s mountain athletics and I wanted to do another cross training, so I did two in one!  With a 10min warm up on indoor bike, Speed work: 2x1600m (@ 8:27) + 2x800m (@8:06) with 60 second rest intervals, 15 min cool down on indoor bike.

Total miles: 12.81 miles.  Total time: 55 min.

SATURDAY – Rest day.

SUNDAY – Rest day. We volunteered at the NYC triathlon in the medical tent, which was an all day thing (starting with a 4am wake up call). We got home by 3ish and I was planning on doing my long run for the week at night but for some reason I was exhausted from the day. So no long run occurred. Keep a look out for this week’s long run in next weeks post! :p I ended up running my 10mile long run for the week on Monday.

Total weekly miles: 32.42 miles




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