Getting faster! Week 7 – End of Summer Half


Long Run: 9.3 miles.  Felt good throughout this run, tried out a new route in the Bronx and loved it specifically because there were two play ground along the way with water fountains (and bathrooms if needed) AND one of those water things that squirts water up from the ground for kids (and me) to play in. It was 3 miles to the new path and then the path itself was 4 plus the 3 to get home so it split it up nicely where I wasn’t getting bored along the same route.

Total miles: 9.3 miles. Total time: 1:36:51 min. 



Strength Training: Mountain Athletics workout. 2 miles runnings + body weight workouts.

Total miles: 2.12 miles.



Tempo Run: Nike running club run. 1 mile warm up, 3.78 miles at 9:29 min/mile, 1 mile cool down. This run was meant to be 6 miles all at tempo pace but there was a change of plans last minute that I had to quick adapt to and I was only able to run 4 miles at the tempo pace. With at least 2 miles of a warm up to make a total of 6.

Total miles: 5.78 miles. Total time: 35:51 min (not including warm ups).



Track Repeat: Mountain athletics speed workout. 4 x 400m at 1:31 + 2x800m at 5:00. My splits for the 400s were (I don’t know the first split), 1:32, 1:31, 1:31.

Total miles: 2 miles.

FRIDAY – Rest day.

SATURDAY – Rest day. Supposed to be a bike day for cross training but I was out of town with no bike or gym.

SUNDAY – Long run: This should go with next week’s training since I’ve been doing my long runs on Mondays but again since I’m out of town and my mom runs on Sunday’s anndd I wanted to run with her. So my long run was moved again. This run went so well though! I am so incredibly proud of myself. I’ll post a pic of my splits below as well. I started off running with my mom  for the first 3 miles, a nice easy pace for a warm up. And then killed it the rest of the way, with negative splits practically every mile. This has given me a great boost of confidence that I may actually be able to get my goal time come August for the race or even better. Also, being able to run comfortably at 9:30 min/mile is amazing because thats never been a comfortable pace especially for such a long distance. My training is REALLY paying off!!!

Total miles: 13.1 miles.  Total time: 2:05:58 min. 


Total weekly miles: 32.3


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