Training with Mountain Athletics, week 8 – End of Summer Half

One rest day this week! I had to make up for having 3 rest days last week! :p. Lol no thats not the reason why, it just happen to work out like that. I wanted to hit up all the workouts with Mountain Athletics this week. I am really enjoying their workouts, plus I’m meeting some new people. I was also able to get down to the city to do a long-ish (10k) run with Nike running club on Wednesday. And again run with NYRR Open run for a 3 mile run on Saturday too. I ended up substituting the open run for my planned speed workout because I was exhausted by Thursday (which was the day I wanted to put in my 4th run). Next week I won’t be able to attend the open run so I will be doing my normal 3 runs, with one of the RLRF speed workouts.

My long run (which was part of last week, but is part of this week now because they’re on mondays) went well! I gave my hydration pack another chance. I played around with it and put it low on my hips but facing forwards instead of on my lower back. It worked out pretty well. I kept having to push it down on my hips but I think I need to tighten it a bit more and that might help. Yay! As you know I have been having issues with this!  I filled it up only half way because the first time I used it I thought it was too heavy. However, I ran out of water (it was so damn hot) so on my lap around at mile 4 I stopped back in the house and refilled. The run itself was good, I felt good, I felt hydrated, and I felt strong. Towards the end I was getting some heat stress but I pushed through and had an extra Gu around mile 9.

I also brought the water pack on my 6 mile run down in the city with Nike on Wednesday as well. Tightening helped and it stayed pretty well, I didn’t have to adjust it at all (picture below!). Again, it was going to be a VERY hot day and humid, especially running at 6pm. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring it along even though it was a short 6 miler. I ended up drinking the whole 16oz the first half of the run, filled it up at mile 3 and drank the rest! I also had a gel at mile 3 to me strong to the end.

The mountain athletics workouts are really kicking my butt! But I am really enjoying them and all the people there are awesome. Plus its free, so it can’t get much better than that! I think we decided on continuing to go to both the Tuesday and Thursday workouts. Tuesday is based on strength (more body weight things) and then Thursdays are endurance days which include lots of running in between sets with little rest.

This is what week 8’s training schedule looked like:


Long Run: 11.5 miles @10:52 min/mile around town.

 Total miles: 11.5 miles.  Total time: 2:05:17.



Strength Training: Mountain Athletics strength workout with North Face.



Tempo Run: 10k run with Nike Running Club @ 10 min/mile.

 Total miles: 6.21 miles.  Total time: 1:05:03 min.


Strength Training: Mountain Athletics endurance workout!

Total miles: 1.8 miles.


FRIDAY – Rest Day


Speed work: Open Run with NYRR — 1.5 miles @ 9:00-9:45, 1 mile @ 8:15-9:00.

Total miles: 2.5 miles.  Total time: 22:34 min. 



Cross Training: On indoor bike: 10min easy, 15min tempo, 5min easy, 10min tempo, 5min easy.

Total miles: 16.0 miles. Total time: 45 min. 

Total weekly miles: 38:03 miles.




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