Single Digits! 9 weeks out – End of Summer Half

This week was full of fun and new and exciting things. I am all about going to workouts and runs in groups to meet new people, try new things, and try some new routes out! We continued with the NYRR Open Run on Saturday. And then hit up Mountain Athletics with North Face on Thursday down in Manhattan for a workout. This week I am planning on going to workout with Mountain Athletics again either 1 or both days they have it (which will be Tuesday and Thursday). I just signed up for a 6 mile run in Manhattan with Nike Running Club on Wednesday! And then we will be doing the Open Run again on Saturday. As you can see I have been changing things up more than normal. As far as this week went I did miss some workouts/runs. Buts I am planning on getting all my workouts in now with Mountain Athletics. And then do a Nike run once a week, which will either be one of their medium distance runs or a speed workout. I am still getting in 2 workouts a week of cross training on the bike (30-50min). I am also going to try and keep the Open Run be an extra run (on top of my 3 normal run) as long as I don’t become too busy during the week and have to substitute it for a speed workout like I did this week.

I did not do my long run “this week,” however, I did do it today (Monday) so it will be posted in next week’s training week! I may or may not stick to doing my long run Mondays but we’ll see. I need to revamp my weekly training plan and figure out which days I want to do what!

The Mountain Athletics workout we did was intense!!! I should say though, we didn’t even do one of their workouts. Since it was the first week of 6 weeks, they had us doing a fit test. And it kicked our butts. The whole day afterwards AND two days later I was still sore! My shoulders and triceps were DEAD. What was really funny though, was that it was only ONE arm (my right one) that hurt so bad. Andrew said it was probably because after all the push ups and burpees since our right arm is dominate it took over most of the weight.  We toughed it out though for our workout on Sunday and now its my traps that are sore! Haha I do love it though! Next week they have a workout Tuesday and Thursday, like I said, so I will be trying to make either both or one of them.


Here is last week’s training:




Strength training: Back

Cross Training: Total miles: 14miles.  Total time: 50min. 


WEDESDAY: Rest, busy day with classes and an interview so I had no time to get out!



Strength training:  We headed down to Manhattan and worked out with North Face Mountain Athletics in NYC. Today’s workout since it was our first one it was a fit test, so it consisted of..

2min squats, 2min sit ups, 2min push ups, 7min burpees, 1 mile run (that had hills and stairs!)

Total miles: 1 mile. Total time: 10:30


FRIDAY – Rest from that intense workout!



Track repeat: NYRR Open Run 2.5miles.

Total time: 21:16 min. Total miles: 2.52 miles.


Cross training: 5min easy, 3x  (2min hard + 3min tempo), 5min easy.

Total miles: 7.85miles. Total time: 25min. 

Strength training: Plyo workout (full body) with the boyfriend. Consisted of 1. One arm kettle bell swings, 2. Squat with a shoulder press, 3. Box jumps. 7 sets of 15!

Total weekly miles: 25.4 miles.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!


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