New running gear & books.

A couple weeks ago I went out and invested in a new pair of running shoes. We went over to a store that specializes in running. They measured my feet to determine my shoe size. He said I was a 7.5 in running shoes, my past two shoes have been 7s. He had me walk barefoot across the store to see what kind of gait I had, I have a Normal gait. So he went to the back of the store and came out with 3 pairs. A Nike, Saucony, and Adidas. He told me to pick two ad try one on each foot. So I grabbed the two that I’ve never tried before, the Saucony and Adidas. The Sacony felt wider on the bottom of my foot, the platform went outwards. Both felt very supportive and cushioned but even without looking I could feel how the shoes went outwards on the Sacony. He said you want a shoe that feels like nothing’s there. Next, he said meย try the Nike with the one that I liked best from the first round. Off went the Saucony and on went the Nike. As soon as I laced up the Nike and stood up there was a drastic difference. I don’t recall which Nike it was but note it was probably one of the top Nike running shoes. Also note: I walked into their store with Nikes and have only ever owned Nike shoes workout before. Anyways, the Nike shoe felt so flat and hard. I could feel everything under my foot. The Adidas shoe did have a higher platform than I have ever been used to but it was such a light shoe, very cushioned, and fit nicely around my foot. He then had me try on both of the adidas, walk around, and then try them out running on the treadmill they had.

I ended up purchasing the Adidas Supernova Glide 8s. I have ran in them for the past 2 weeks now and am loving them. There were a couple runs that I was getting bad shin splints for the first 3 miles and then they went away. I haven’t gotten them on my recent runs though. I normally never get shin splints, so I was thinking maybe I just needed to get used to running in them.


We also hit up the book store after leaving the shoe store! I got a nursing read and a running read! So excited to read both. Personally, I am not a big reader. It takes me a while to get into a book, partially because I only pick up a book to read maybe once a week. I do love reading books though, I just need to make it more of a habit. I’m in the middle of Born to Run and then will start The Shift.

Lastly, I purchased a running water pack! The brand is Amphipod. It fits nicely around my waist and comfortable. I have been going back and forth on whether I want one of these or not! Every time I tried one, it bothers me while I’m running and then throughout the whole run I’m thinking about it and playing it. However, lately when I have been running my long runs in the heat I am dying of thirst when I don’t have it! This bottle though is perfect, it is on the larger sizes of bottle (16oz) but it has a Jett-Squeeze cap so it doesn’t leak at all and its super easy to get water out. There is also a zipper pocket that fits my phone and Gus. Although, I will say that it is harder to maneuver around to get everything (as in my phone and Gus) in and out when I need them on my run.

I am promising now, to myself, that I will use the water pack again this weekend on my run! No excuses.

Does anyone run with water?? Why or why not? What kind of holders do you use? Is it necessary to run with water?

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!! We are either planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo or White Water Rafting! … or both!



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