Open Run with NYRR, week 10-End of Summer Half

This week was a little mixed up with workouts. I had 2 rest days instead of 1, only did 1 cross training workout, added in an easy run, and a fast 3mile run. As far as the 3 mile run went, Andrew and I went to an Open Run with NYRR. They have it every week on Saturdays at a neighborhood park. I think we are going to continue to go to each week and work on improving our time. I like that type of environment, it was friendly and inviting and we can meet new people but it also gets me in a competition mode. Mostly with just trying to beat myself each week. Plus I’ll be able to run with Andrew which will be nice because his normal is my fast pace.

MONDAY – Rest day.


Track repeat ––  5min easy warm up,  6 sets of 1 mile at 8:41 min/mile (6.9mph) with 90 seconds of rest (total time not including warm up 34:24), 5 min easy cool down.

Strength Training — Arms

Total miles: 4.53 miles. Total time: 44:30 min.


Easy/Tempo run —  Ended up making this an easy run instead of tempo. AKA just ran 7miles at whatever pace felt comfortable. It was supposed to be 7miles, however, somehow it didn’t add up in the end. I’m not sure how I messed it up.

Total miles: 6.66 miles. Total time: 1:14:04 min. 



Cross training —  Indoor bike did the following workout below (courtesy of the RLRF app). This ride felt good!

Total miles: 16.5miles. Total time: 50min. 



Speed run — I ran it at a 8:59 min/mile! Kinda proud of myself! Again, this was another run that was supposed to be 3 miles, however, came out less than expected. The NYRR route said its 3 miles but mapmyrun tracked me at 2.56 miles. Next week when we go, I think we are going to run 4 laps at a fast tempo to run for a longer time and it’ll end up being about a 5k. The volunteer there was cool with it, he said he’ll just time us at both lap 3 and 4.

Total miles: 2.56 miles. Total time: 23:01. 


Long run — Ran around town with a friend. Such a hot day!! We ran around 10:30am and it was already 80 degrees. It wasn’t too horrible, the sun was pretty hot but the thing that was bothering me was that my mouth was so dry. I needed water. And of course, I didn’t bring my water pack. It seems to be that when I have it I don’t use it and its bothering me but when I don’t have it, I want it!

Total miles: 9.67 miles. Total time: 1:56:37 min. 


Total weekly miles:  40 miles. 




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