Running in the Heat, Week 11 – End of Summer Half

Hey All! Week 11 here and it was a good week. I was able to get in all my workouts despite going out of town on the weekend. I have been having mixed feelings about this Run less run faster plan. The past two weeks I have been having some off days on my long runs. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt though and thinking I may have just been having some off mornings. As far as the last long run went, it was very hot and I got a blister from my shoes. This past long run, I had my new shoes which were great but I also tried out a new water pack and it was bothering me the entire run.  Hopefully this next week’s long run will be better. As far as my other runs go, they are challenging but doable. I don’t get overly sore or tired afterwards and I am able to still complete my strength training afterwards. I do feel like I am running and working out less throughout the week than I used to. I’m not sure if thats a good thing or not but I am feeling strong when I go out to run.

I’ll also be posting all my new running goodies sometime this week to tell you all about what I got recently!

Here is my week 11  training recap::


Monday – Rest



Track repeats – 2x1200m at 8:53 min/mile + 4x800m at 8:41min/mile with 2min recovery between eah set. Total miles: 4.6miles. Total time: 45min.  

Strength Training – Back



Cross training –  Indoor bike. 10min easy 10min tempo, 5min easy, 5min tempo, 5min easy.  Total miles: 10.2 miles.   Total time: 35min. 

Strength Training – Legs



Tempo Run – 1mi easy, 2 mi tempo, 1mi easy, 2mi tempo, 1mi easy. Tempo speed was at 9:48min/mile. Total miles: 7miles. Total time: 1:15:32.


Cross Training – Bike ride outdoors. Total miles: 10.88mi. Total time: 1:37:01.


Saturday – 2 hour hike


Long run – Total miles: 8.37mi. Total time: 1:54:18 min.

Weekly miles: 41.05 miles.

Does anyone have a water pack for when they run?  How do you like it? Is it worth it to have? I am still back and forth with mine.


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