Not giving up, 12 weeks out – End of Summer Half

Week 12 training for the End of the Summer Half is in affect! The count down begins.


Long Run –> 8 miles, my average pace was slower than planned at 10:50 min/mi. But overall the run went really well for starting my training out at 8miles. I got out around 5:40am after the sun was up and it was a little hot by the end of it but it was around 68 degrees. I also found a new route to do, which I am in love with, so that will keep things interesting for now. Here are the stats for this run!

Total time: 1:29 min. Total miles: 8.26 miles.



Track Repeat–> 10 min warmup, 3 x 1600m at 9:03 min/mi with 60 sec rest recovery, 10 min cool down.

Total time: 54min. Total miles: 5.3 miles.

Strength Training –> Arms

I did my arm workout first and killed it. But then went into the track repeat run after on the treadmill and I think I was a little tired by then. I finished what I needed to but I was definitely feeling it and had to take a few extra rest recoveries.



Strength Training–> At home glute workout in the AM.

Short run –> Substituted this in for a cross training day, I ran with my cousin who is new to half marathoning and training for her first half! And so we did a 3 mile easy run in the afternoon in NJ.

Total time:  38:22 min.  Total miles: 3 miles .





Tempo Run –> 1 mile easy, 6 miles 10:03 min/mi, 1 mile easy. This run went great! I felt great and the route was perfect. I ended up going out around 6pm finished right before sunset. My splits weren’t bad considering I’m still unsure on how to keep them consistent while running outdoors with just the mapmyrun lady telling me my pace every 1/2 mile.

Total miles: 8.10 miles. Total time: 1:26:20.


Strength Training –> Shoulders



Long run –>  10 miles at an average pace of 13:25 min/mile. So this run was supposed to be at an average pace of 10:32 and clearly that did not happen. It was a very slow run of jogging and walking. I got out early around 6am but I was still tired, it already was pretty hot, and I think I got dehydrated quick! I was going to run the whole 10 up and down the parkway but it got to be too much so I ended up running back home to get water and then went back out to finish the last 5miles.

Total miles: 10 miles. Total time: 2:14:22

Weekly total miles: 34.66mi.
I think there becomes a point after all these miles when you question yourself and ask why f*!% am I doing this?!  Like what’s the point?  I don’t need to be running miles on end, waking up at 5am to run for 2-3 hours, so what the heck is keeping me out here? Well that day was today on this 10 mile run. I was questioning myself right off the bat at mile 2 and it did not stop there. This whole running thing is a big mind game. I could have ended my run when I went to get water at mile 5, but I didn’t. I actually could have ended it a lot more times than just then, but I didn’t. I was determined to finish no matter what.  I’m not a big fan of walking during races or even training for that matter but I will tell you that I got over my issue with that quick today.  I’m no longer training with someone. I’m doing this on my own and doing it for myself. So the only person that’s going to hold me accountable and keep me motivated, is myself.

Overall, I think this week went well. I got some quality runs in at some good paces. I wasn’t able to get the actual cross training workouts in with what was going on but I have those scheduled for next week.

I’ve also been helping my friend with putting together a training schedule for her for the RnR race in October. I kind of based it off of what I did to train for my last half plus what I am doing now. I hope she follows it or at least plays around with it to make it work for her. I think having a schedule and structure to follow is always good and the more likely you’ll stick to what you need to do!  Every bit helps. And I mean especially for when you get to those tough runs that really make you question what you’re doing!

Have any good tips on how to keep a consistent pace when running outside without a running watch? ?


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