Crafting with Circut

It’s about time I did a blog post about some crafts that have been going on in my life lately!  My sister got one of those Circut Explore Air machines. Basically from my understanding you make designs on your computer and it cuts out the design on adhesive paper.  Don’t quote me on this though! Haha she lives in a different city and I haven’t visited her since she got this thing but thats my understanding. Supposedly its really cool though! Anyways a few months ago she asked me to make some designs of things that I’d be interested in her making for me, so of course I sent her lots of things! Here are a few that she has finished for me!


These are one of my favorites. I LOVE organizing the kitchen, pantry, fridge…all that good stuff! So this was first on my list. I love the way these turned out too. I can’t wait to have a house with a big kitchen so I can keep these on the counter top instead of hidden away in the pantry!


Could you have guessed it?? My second favorite! :p I cannot believe how cute this one came out too. She did a beast job making this donut. She told me it came out so good she had to make a second one for herself!  I’ve had this on my phone for almost a month now and I kind of wish I put it on the actual phone so the sticker was inside the phone case because by now its kind of getting dirty and some of the sprinkles are falling off 😦 lol. But I was scared to do that because I didn’t know if it would mess up the back of my phone. Next time though!

Water bottle sticker by Offbeat Planner designs -- Lifting in Scrubs

This one I just put together today and am loving it! It’s like a brand new water bottle. This is one of the stickers I asked for for my water bottles. I made up some other really cool ones for my other bottles too but she’s still making those!

Water bottle sticker by Offbeat Planner designs -- Lifting in Scrubs

So here is a quick how to on what it looks like to put this together. You peal off the sticker from the paper that it’s on and place it where you want it to go and then peel away the tape!  Easy as that!

Here are some other creations that she has made that are on her Instagram.

Check out her Instagram here (@offbeatplanners) or her newly made Youtube channel! She also has an Etsy account where she sells all her planner stuff there! Yep she is just as crafty as me and loves organizing and planning too! I think it runs in the family.





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  1. Aw this is so nice, Emily. I do want to point out that the 2016 Monthly Calendar I got from I love it because it is simple and basic and I can go crazy with Washi. 😀

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