13 weeks out – End of Summer Half

I know I said I am starting at 12 weeks, which I am but I wanted to at least get out and start running some this week because I haven’t ran in about 2 weeks.  I thought I would try out some of the Run Less Run Faster runs (from week 16)  this week because they’re a little shorter than starting right at week 12.


MONDAY, TUESDAY: no training. Getting my life put together and figuring out this plan!

Tempo Run –> 1 mile easy warm up (started at 5.0mph and increased gradually to my ST speed), 3 miles at ST pace of 9:31 (speed 6.3mph), 1 mile easy cool down — Total miles: 5mi — Total time: 50:31 min.

The warm up was easy and I felt good, I was running a little late so I decided to only do a 1mile warm up instead of 2. By mile 3 of the whole workout I was feeling it, I kept have to jump off of the treadmill and chug water. I kept pushing though and ran the whole way at the same pace. The cool down was better and decreased the speed by .2mph until I reached 5mph and ran the rest of the mile at that speed.


Cross train –> indoor bike 10min easy, 30min tempo.  Total time: 40min. Total miles: 8.45 miles.  

Sweated like crazy for this!! Don’t know if it was because the machine has no fan, the gym was hot and full of people, or that it was actually a good workout 😝. No it was definitely a good workout. I was feeling it. And a perfect warm up to leg day!

Strength Training –> Quads


FRIDAY: rest day.



Cross train –> indoor bike – 10min easy, 10min tempo, 2min easy, 3min hard, 5min easy. Total miles: 7.65 miles. Total time: 30min.

Found these cool bikes in the gym with this nice screen! Definitely will be using these ones from now on. Plus they didn’t hurt my booty afterwards.

SUNDAY: rest day.

Total miles this week: 21.1 miles

I was planning on running 8 miles Sunday, however, we slept at a friends house and I was not in any shape to be running that morning :p. I ended up running it today (Monday) so I will post all about that run in next weeks blog!

I have officially signed up for the End of Summer Half at Rockaway Beach which is August 27th and the Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half on October 10th! I’m excited for both races! I have only really trained in the colder weather before, so training in the warm, hot, sunny weather will be different and a new experience. Something that I will definitely need to get used to in order to kick butt in the August race. I’ve heard that the Rockaway half is hard because theres no shade and it’ll be a hot one by 8am.  But I’ve also heard that it’s nice because its completely flat and you get jump in the ocean afterwards!!  I’m interested to know how many runners usually run this half, it’s been hard to find past year information about this race but I will have to keep an eye out.




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