Training for Half Marathon # 2 & 3

First off, I’ll say that I have decided to run another half marathon! And on top of that I am going to sign up for a 3rd one as well. Is this a little to ambitious? Well the 2nd half will be a practice run during my training for the 3rd race. I will be starting a 12 week training plan up until the 1st race the End of Summer Half in Rockaway Park on Aug 27th. And then continue into a 6 week training plan for the 2nd race, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half on Oct 8th. The 6 week training for the 3rd race will be me repeating the last 6 weeks of the 12 week over again.

Tell me if I’m crazy?! But my reasoning behind doing this is because I want the Rockaway Half to be a practice run for me to see what my time can be. And then bring my all to the half come October.  Should I take a recovery week (with little to no workouts) the week after this race and then train again for 5 weeks instead??   Okay, so if you get into my mind a little here…I do believe that yes running at a slower pace throughout my last half, helped me maintain myself during the whole race – instead of running fast up front and then crashing later. I felt great during it but I just think I could have done better. I’m not regretting it at all, the whole experience was amazing and I loved every moment of it. A few things…I think starting in few corrals slower than planned, running with a friend, and not completely focusing throughout it held me back a little.  I understand there are always going to be circumstances that happen and sometimes those things get in the way on race day, but that’s exactly why I want to give it another go without those factors holding me back.



I’ve been doing a lot of research on new training plans to help work on increasing my time. I found some bloggers (heres a couple I liked best here and here!) writing about their training experiences and different plans they’re using. One of the most common ones were based off of the book Run Less, Run Faster which uses FIRST 3plus2 training. I have come up with a schedule as to what I will be following. And as I said above will be revising it to a 12 week program (instead of 16) and then repeating week 6 and on until the next race. So technically over all it will be a 18 week plan.

I will be sticking to the same weight training plan that I posted the other week, the only difference now will be my cardio – which will follow this training plan.  As far as strength training goes, it will be the same workouts found here but will most likely be doing high reps with low weight.  Heres a rough sketch of what I’ll be doing overall:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Key run #2: track run  &  Bis/Tris

Wednesday – Cross Training (cycling or rowing)   &   Glutes

Thursday – Key run #1: tempo run     &    Back/chest

Friday – Quads

Saturday – Cross training (cycling or rowing)    &    Shoulders

Sunday – Key run #3: long run

This is all still being planned. I have all my calendars printed out though to start writing it all down and will hang those up!  I’m finishing up with reading the Run Less, Run Faster book this week and then starting the plan fully on Monday.  I do plan to post a recap of my runs and lifting each week with what I ended up doing and how I felt with it all. And I’ll keep you updated with any changes I may tweek during the 18 weeks.



My ultimate goal will be to run in the NYC Half before I move away from the city. However, to do so I will either need to qualify (not gunna happen), raise money for a charity (possibly), enter into the drawing (1st choice), or participate in NYRRs five borough series (2nd plan). December of this year I’ll apply for the drawing and see if I get picked to run in the 2017 race in March. If I don’t get picked, then the plan will be to run 4 out of the 6 borough races in 2017 which will land me a guaranteed entry into the 2018 race. Does anyone know any other information about this whole 5 borough running series??   It sounds too good to be true to be guaranteed a spot in the half but I’ve been all over the NYRR website and thats what it sounds like! The borough races consists of a few halfs, two 10Ks, and a 10miler. Sounds doable to do 4 of those throughout the year, right?

As for now, I’m going to finish up this year with these races. Look I’ve already got the runners bug!!


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