Pre-Race Jitters.

I was meaning to write a pre race blog and of course never got to it. I typed this up the night before my race but wasn’t able to post it until now. I can tell I’m nervous as heck and I think the majority of it is because I don’t know what to expect. I don’t think any other race I’ve ran in before has been this big. As in there’s 7,000 women running tomorrow, its in NYC, and my closest family and friends are all coming down to cheer me on. Besides all this I do know I will be just fine during the race. I’ve spent 3 plus months training. Both mentally, physically, and nutritionally! I’ve kept with my runs each week, whether it was running only 3 quick miles or a slow 8mile run. I learned so much about how to keep my body strong and healthy while training.

I’m all planned for the race. I have listed out what and when I’m going to be eating before and during the race. The race is at 8am so I’m waking up 430, eating oatmeal with PB at 5 and a banana, leaving at 6 and eating a box of raisins on the way there, and then right before the race I’m having 2 gus. And then during the race I’ll have a gel (at mile 6 and 11) and 2 gus (at mile 3 and 6).  As for water, I plan to grab some at the water stations after I eat a gu/gel because they usually make me thirsty.  I’ve been training like this too. During my runs I will eat around 50g of carbs per hour I run. One gel is about 22g of carbs. It has made a world of difference in my running game and I feel fueled throughout the run. I also drink 80-100 ounces of water the day before long runs and have a long-digesting carb an hour before my run (like oatmeal).
I just bought a new zip up and I’m not sure if that was wise or not. Probably not but I’m going with it. If I was unsure though about it bugging me or if it was too heavy fabric, I wouldn’t have bought (one because it was expensive and two because I had something planned out already to wear). But I think it’s gunna work nicely. The only thing I’m worried about it it’s a full zip up whcih is what I wanted because I wanted to be able to take it off if I get hot. But how do you do that if your bib is on the front of the jacket?! Idk so I don’t think it’s coming off at all tomorrow during the run lol. I guess since we’re only running for 2 ish hours, we’ll just roll up our sleeves if we need to. Which is true I’m sure it’ll be fine. Also this jacket is blue! My other top I was planning on wearing was black and I didn’t wanna be that cool running through Central Park in all black.
Now I’m off to bed at 830! I’m giving myself about 8 hours of sleep. Although we’ll see how the night goes. Its going to be a long and eventful day tomorrow!!

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