Explosion Box of Love.

Valentines Day is coming up and I know we are all thinking about what we’re going to do for that special someone! We’re still unsure what we have planned for the weekend. First, it was a nice dinner out. Then it was to go to a mountain resort and go snowboarding. And now I still don’t think we’ve actually decided. We’re not doing gifts, just cards and then treating ourselves to something nice together. My guess is probably the dinner plan will happen (although we need reservations asap!! haha) but we will see!
Pop-Out Box BF Gift - Lifting in Scrubs

I made this awesome exploding box (of love) for Andrew for our an anniversary a couple years ago. Oh our 2 year anniversary! Lol I couldn’t figure it out.

Pop-Out Box BF Gift - Lifting in Scrubs

I like the idea of doing an alternative to the traditional card! You get to craft and its something you took the time to make for him.  The Dating Divas site has a really cute example too! I combined all the big and special moments that happened over the two years we had been together.

Pop-Out Box BF Gift - Lifting in Scrubs

Here are the instructions on this site, she made a super cute and easy to understand word doc to follow! Which is what I used. I love crafting and this one was definitely fun to make! Especially with all the pictures.

Pop-Out Box BF Gift - Lifting in Scrubs

This year (for Valentine’s) I will be making these chocolate strawberry goodies and one of those candy cards! Because he loves his sweets and candy. Haha Im doing it right this year and getting to my man’s heart through his stomach!

Since Valentine’s this year is on a Sunday he will be home all weekend and all day so I have to get things done today and tomorrow before he’s off. I will probably make the strawberries on Saturday, although, I will have to kick him out of the kitchen! Not sure where to get a poster from for the card but may take a walk over to rite aide or else ill tape together a bunch of card stock sheets!

Hope you all have a great weekend with your loved one & enjoy!!!


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