Planning my planner.

Hi All!

So before nursing school started I upgraded my planner and got myself an Arc Planner by Staples! I bought mine in the store at Staples (thanks to my impulse shopping) but you can buy everything on Amazon as well. I’m still learning new things to do with it but I am loving it. One thing I love about it is being able to take pages in and out so easily! Some of the inserts I put in are my own creations (some inspired by others) and some free printables I found online.

How to make your own inserts:

This break I worked on some new layouts for my weekly planner and monthly calendar. I design my layouts on Excel. Once I got the hang of making them, I find it way easier just to make my own custom to what I need and want for my planner! But there are definitely those I’ve come across that you just need to buy too.   I found a How To on Wendaful’s Blog (linked). Once I got the paper size saved in excel then the directions are pretty simple to be able to go back into it the next month or whenever you want to design again.


My monthly calendar:

It is a pretty simple set up, its just boxes outlined and the days of the week printed on top. Once printed I added in my washi tape and drew in the month and year with of course my MUJI fine point gel pens. The inspiration for the lettering I did was from Pen Peplum Monthly Planner, I found it on Pinterest and simply drew the month names from that.

My weekly planner:

Now for my nursing schedule, since I only attend part-time a weekly planner is perfect for me and saves space verses daily sheets. This design I made was inspired by IndigoPrintables.  I just put this layout together this break, so I have not used it yet for school.  I will let you all know how it works this semester. I have a few inserts I put together as well specific for my classes and studying.


How I will use my Weekly Planner:

Under the ‘schedule’ section I want to keep track of things that will be going on each day, like what chapters will be discussed in class or exams. On the days I don’t have class I will have just quick notes like if its a gym day, laundry or errands I need to do, etc. Under ‘habits’ will be my top 3 habits that are most important for me to do during the week. My top 3 (for now) are 80oz of water, to hit my macros, and to plan my meals for the next day. I made a full page of my Monthly Habits that I check off daily in another part of my planner, so I figured at least the top 3 that I definitely need complete will be best here. And then my ‘to do list’ will most likely consist of things for school and home. Color coded of course! Haha School stuff is in green and home stuff is blue. I also do Red for exams. Last semester I had a color for each course but that got confusing remembering the colors so this semester I am trying just one color for both classes.

Other inserts I use:

I have a few other inserts I use in my planner that I was going to share with you in a different post…but just decided to do it now! Lol so like I said I have a Monthly Habits/Goals, I also have a Bills Checklist and a Fitness Calendar schedule. All of these I use on the daily/weekly! And lastly, in the beginning of my planner I have a page for each course with the Course Outline/Topics for the semester. Our professors send up this before the semester starts so I write all that over to this sheet. I’m also making a to-do/study page but I haven’t put it together yet. Once I start using it and if it’s effective I’ll post it at a later date.

The first photo on the left is one of my Course Schedules. I refer to this throughout the semester so its really nice to have right in my planner to see what chapters and topics I need to do for the next week. The middle clearly is my bill pay checklist (here is the printable I used from Wendaful), this one is pretty simple which is what I like but on Pinterest there are tons of cute ones you can find too! I usually write the check # underneath my checkmark if I write a check. On the right are my ready to go Monthly Goals/Habits for February. Some of these I want to do every day and others are there just to track and be aware of how much I am doing something.


Here is the printable I used for my Fitness Calendar by iheartplanners. Mine looks a little different color wise because we don’t have color in our printer! So I colored it in myself! I track my miles for my runs, which workouts I will do for the coming weeks, and whether or not I am doing a high or low carb day for my macros. Again, color coded!!

My posts always get so long! But I have been meaning to write this one for a while now and might as well get it out all in one shot! Classes start Thursday, so as you can see I am getting prepared. Now on the list of things to do is to start reading chapters before lecture! Yay!


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