I’m going to run a half marathon.  

Feels weird writing that. But it’s true and well there’s no going back now. Or so I’m telling myself that. The biggest step so far was the initial action of signing up for the race (or possibly even saying yes to my friend). Simply thinking about running 13.1 miles scares the you know what outta me…and still does if I’m going to be honest. I’ve had a few other people ask me to run in races, a half and 10k in the past couple years (including my mom who just ran her first half last May!) but I was never ready mentally to commit myself. Yet, this time it seemed like it was my time. It just seemed right.  A lot has changed over the years and trust me I’m at no stopping point by any means but I’ve come a long way mentally and physically.

I began making positive changes with my mind, my strength and endurance, and my heart. I’m proving myself wrong with what my body can do, how my mind thinks, and the love I can build for myself to share with others. If you haven’t read Taylor’s blog…you need to!  Before the new year started I read her How to Make 2016 your Best Year Yet and yes its a long one but every word was worth it. I started her Mind & Body Challenge this year, each day is posted on her blog to read I’d recommend checking it out. This challenge has kept me focused for this year to come and I can’t think of a better time to start than while I’m in nursing school learning how to care for others (might as well figure out how to take care of myself along the way!).

I gave up those wonderful resolutions that we all half make and then keep for only a few weeks.  Instead here is my Bucket List for my 2016 year. In Taylor’s Challenge she talked about making this (Day 4) and a week later (Day 15) talks about making plans/actions for these goals, so they’re not just sitting on the paper. I’m slowly working toward doing this but I have started on a couple!


One thing that’s hard to admit (because I’m such a tech savvy person) but something you NEED to do…is to write things down! Handwritten.  I have my good old Evernote on my computer where I type most of everything so this was hard for me. But so much more comes with taking the time and writing things out by hand. When you look at the words on the paper its your hand writing, its more personal to you, and more true to yourself than typed words on a computer.

A plus to Taylor’s Challenge is that with each task posted is a workout!! You can do them at home or at the gym with resistance bands or weights.  I’ve done a few of them and they kicked my butt! I haven’t been able to do them all (I mostly just followed the ‘Mind’ part of the challenge) because I started my own training for this race.

I have done a lot of research and had to switch my up training for the next few months to prepare for the race. First, I don’t want to be doing workouts that isolate one muscle and instead am focusing on doing more full-body workouts. Second, I’m not lifting as frequently and as heavy. I narrowed my workouts to 3-4 times a week instead of 5-6. I also am trying to lift lighter weights, which is something I really have to think about because I’ve always been in the mind set of working toward increasing my weight.


I always have my workout plans up on the wall. I don’t know if you can actually read any of it, but thats not the point.  Whether they are on a calendar printed out or in your planner or on your white board in your office. You should keep it somewhere where you can see it everyday and keep yourself accountable. Even though it seems very concrete when its written out weeks in advance, its still good to do! I know things may change and thats fine.  If you have to move things around, thats fine too. Trust me I am constantly making changes as the month goes on. As you can see I have arrows, white out, circles and Xs all over. Things happen and life happens.

I personally want to keep to 4 runs a week so if I miss a run I will make it up on one of my rest days. If I really needed to (like last week I only did 3 runs) I will rest. Running is just as tiring and sore on the body as weight training is and I need my rest days! Underneath my calendar are the 4 full body workouts I made for myself to do. Im just rotating through them each week.  Today is Workout 4 + 3 mile run, sadly I may have to do it on the treadmill because its getting cold out again. Then Saturday is a nice rest day before my long run Sunday (4.5mi) ! I was going to run that one in Central Park…but with this huge snow storm thats supposedly coming Saturday I may be running that inside as well. We will see! 🙂



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