Christmas in NYC.

A lot of things have changed this Christmas year for me. One, Andrew and I are living together and now have our own apartment. Two, we were able to celebrate Christmas with both our families. And three, we had everyone (7 people total) over in our little NYC apartment for the day!  It ended up being such a great day! Everyone brought some food, we set up our kitchen table and 4 TV side tables up together for the dining table in the living room, and I must say we had enough food to feed a small village lol SO MANY left overs! As for Andrew and I, we did a Ham, a spinach artichoke dip,  a tasty cheese and cracker plate, and


lastly yet most deliciously, mini pies! These were made with a homemade pie crust by Gimme Some Oven (check out this recipe it is phenomenal!). The mini pies were a great idea and such a hit!

I made apple and pecan ones. The apple is my personal favorite and this recipe by Sprinkle Some Sugar is going to be my new go to recipe for any type of apple pie I make in the future!


The pecan recipe is also from Gimme Some Oven and was great as well. I have never been a fan of them (as a child pecans didn’t sound appetizing), although I think this was the first time I’ve tried one. To me it was a little on the sweet side, but I think pecan pies are supposed to be like that! Because everyone else loved them!


Anyways, if you ever host a get together or go to someones house for an event make some mini pies! They will be such a hit and everyone will love them. I also found some pumpkin mini pie recipes too that I will put on my list to do as well!

The only issue I came across was getting the filling vs pie crust ratio correct. As you can see the pecan recipe I have is not specifically for mini pies so I did have extra filling. And I’m not sure why but the apple recipe actually gave me extra filling as well. I ended up having to make 3 pie crusts, so next time I will just triple my crust recipe from the start so I make enough dough!

Besides all this fun baking! Of course I would catch some kind of cold the day before Christmas that lasted a few days (at least it wasn’t before finals!). I ended up passing that along to Andrew for New Years! Haha so we got to spend the New Years together at home cuddling on the couch. Which was perfect, so no complaints!

Yesterday we bought some new furniture for our apartment from IKEA! We got a new dresser for the bedroom (to update our Walmart one) and a new media center TV stand for the living room. Both pieces look so pretty!  I’m so grateful for all these nice things we are able to get for the apartment, the place is really coming together nicely!


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