Twas the week after finals.

Semester one done! The ending weeks up to finals seemed to drag by. I think I checked out of school mode a little too early after my third patho exam. Speaking of that wonderful cardiac patho exam we had I surprised myself with I believe the highest grade Ive gotten yet on an exam! So that was nice. Finals however was a different story. Communications I thought I had done way better than what I got. Psych final was hard for me so I was thinking it could go either way, well it went the wrong way. And for Patho I’m not completely mad about that grade, did better than I thought I would have. Actually the patho final was the highest score out of all three courses.

We have a month off before we’re back at it. Next semester I’ll only be taking Patho II and Pharm. I’m in the middle of applying to some jobs at the nearby hospital (hopefully I will submit them this week depending on how lazy I get). I decided to get a job, preferably a clinical job, for three reasons. 1-I want a little extra cash of course. 2-I could have managed a job this semester with 8 credits and now in the spring i’ll have 6 credits AKA I will have a lot of extra time. 3-If I can get an in somewhere maybe it’ll lead to an opening in the future as an RN.

The thing is we’re unsure what we’re going to do after I graduate. The main question is how long we plan to stay here before we move to an area we want to settle down. Since I graduate in August and then will have to wait a couple months to take my boards, it’ll be a few months after our 2 year lease runs up. We could either talk to our landlord about extending it a few months or just sign another year lease. But then I would like to have a job or something within this time and why not work as a nurse once I get certified. IMG_6976

We went down to see the tree and had a dinner date in manhattan last night. We went to Ipanema Restaurant, Brazilian food which was amazing!   So proud of myself for trying something new.  I’m excited for Christmas, we are now having my family (mom and sister) and Andrews family (his parents and brother) over for dinner! It will be interesting with 7 people in our apartment! I’m cooking up a ham (well Andrew will probably do the ham) and baking some mini pies. And then our moms are bringing some food as well! So there will be lots of goodies and delicious food!

I’m going to post more on here each week since I won’t be doing much this break except gym, eating, and sleeping. I have a few ideas in mind and have some old posts I need to catch up on that I wasn’t able to write about during the semester!


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