A Good Night for Crab Apple Crisp.

The other week I had quite a few crab apples that my mom gave us that she picked from my sister’s backyard. Well they had been sitting in my kitchen for a while and we needed to get rid of them! My original plan was to make baked cinnamon apple slices with honey. But as you can see they probably weren’t the best apples to do that with.

Crab apples ready for apple crisp - Lifting in Scrubs

They were a little odd shaped to begin with, but they actually came out pretty well for a crisp once I peeled and cut off the bad parts. Since I had so many apples, it worked out being able to throw out all the pieces that weren’t good. So while I began to get the apples ready, I asked Andrew to find a semi-healthy apple crisp recipe. You know, to make me feel better about eating it. Which probably wasn’t the best idea to ask him. Well of course he finds a Betty Crocker recipe, which was amazing but definitely gave me some guilt after eating it.
Crab apples ready for apple crisp - Lifting in Scrubs

I’m limited with my pan options right now, and this pie dish was my best bet for the apple crisp. I did run in to some mishaps after it was done baking when I opened the oven and found the juices had overflown the dish and had a gooey mess of burning brown sugar in the oven! And with that story, a couple days later I got the privalage of scrapping the mess that had crusted itself to the bottom of my oven off for a good half hour.

Apple Crisp made with Crab Apples - Lifting in Scrubs

Its funny how something so deliciously yummy and amazing took so much work out of me, probably set me back a few steps than I already am with my nutritional goals, and only lasted us a few nights! Too bad I can’t have a kitchen that is full of amazingly good healthy food that I can eat whenever I want!


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