Fitness Schedule.

Hi All,

Nursing school update: I passed my first Pathophysiology exam. Success. Now on to getting ready for my Communication for Professional Nursing and Psych Mental Health exams.

I wanted to quick share my workout schedule I have for myself that I am trying my best to stick to. I’ve been a little off of it these past couple weeks but I’m trying to find a good routine that’ll work between school, studying, my boyfriends exercises (he likes me to spot him during chest day which is on a different day then I do mine) and my excuses. My big excuse this past week was that after leg day I could barely walk, which didn’t motivate me to go back the following day.
Lifting in Scrubs Blog

Recently I added in higher amounts of cardio per week with my normal weight lifting routine. Strictly cardio days aren’t too intense or time consuming for me, so I I have about 3 days off of lifting but only one day completely off.  Here is my schedule:

Monday – Back & HIIT

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – HIIT

Thursday – Arms & 45min cardio

Friday – Legs & Abs

Saturday – 45min cardio

Sunday – Chest/Shoulders** & HIIT

**every other week I switch between chest and shoulder day.

My HIIT workouts are by BiteSizedFitness, which are basically 25min of incline walking, running, and sprinting. I also add in the stair master for 20min instead of HIIT if I feel like it. Check her site out if you haven’t before, she offers free workout plans that are awesome. For 45min cardio, I do a steady paced cardio, keeping my heart rate between 120-135 (65% of my maximum heart rate). And my workouts, they are from Ashley Nordman, a workout plan that I purchased from her a while back.

Thats all for now!


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