Nursing School. Week 3.

Two weeks down. On to week 3 this week with an exam next week along with my first simulation lab! Things seem to be moving quickly since I’m only going to classes two days a week right now. This week will consist of studying for my pathophysiology exam (next Tuesday) and getting organized with my psych class. I will tell you that my studying habits have already changed from my last post. I did start out writing my notes out by hand before class (based on the powerpoint and textbook) and then I took notes on top of those during class. However, it took up waayy too much time in the day to continue to write out the notes! Plus hand writing notes in class was very difficult when the professors talk so fast and ill miss points, and then have incomplete notes.

So on the first day of class I saw a few of my classmates typing up their notes on their computer during class. I have always been against typing notes, personally, only because I don’t think I retain the information as well as I do when writing them out. But I decided this may be a better option for these classes.

I now begin with my normal ways of writing up notes before each class that consists of the power points (that are put up on blackboard before class) + textbook information in an outline format on a word doc.

During class, I continue my notes on this same document and add in pretty much everything the professor talks about. If she doesn’t mention topics that are in the textbooks and in my notes, depending on the situation, most of the time I just delete that information.

After class, usually the next day or so I will review these notes while listening to the Echo (recording of class) online and  re-reading and fixing up my notes. After I perfect them I printed them out, highlighted them, and am now beginning to write out my flash cards!

Now I will see how this system works out for me after my first exam next week and I’m sure ill be tweaking more things as needed.

Wedding Party Wine Glasses - Lifting in Scrubs

Not too much else has been happening, my best friend had her wedding last weekend in Ithaca, NY it was a great time! I haven’t been to the gym since before the wedding! I am kind of disappointed with myself there, but yesterday I started back at the gym. I’ll show you guys what I’m going to be working on exercise wise for the next couple months. I set it up pretty well to go along with my class schedule so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I stay motivated and get my butt to the gym. I really shouldn’t have much excuses being that the gym in like a minute walk away!


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