Looking Out From the Inside.

Interestingly enough looking at NYC from the outside is a 180 to looking at it from the inside. It’s peaceful, elegant, and even modest if you look close enough. Living so close to Manhattan we’ve been able to make a few trips downtown without the  worry of where we’re going throughout the day because we could easily get on a subway and come home. Whether it be to see famous memorials, sit in Central Park for hours people watching, to see friends at The Barking Dog Cafe, or walk up the streets at night.

North Pool NYC 2015 - Lifting in Scrubs

New York for me has always been a far-fetched idea. Honestly, as a child I didn’t know much about it. I think the first mention of at least the city was in 5th grade in 2001, although I still never wrapped my head around what was out here. I guess thats how everyone thinks when you’re 10 years old though. In 2004 my family moved from my secluded life in New Mexico across country to Upstate New York. For college I went even farther upstate, what we like to call the North Country, and lived there for a year after I graduated. Now I must say, the only reason I am here in the city is because I wanted to go back to school and this is where I ended up. It was one of those decisions where I wasn’t afraid of the challenge because the answer and outcome was unknown. I know that sounds like it should be the opposite (you should be afraid of the unknown) but for me I think of the unknown as something positive, a possibility.  I’ve never been a city girl, I love country living and everything about it, but I must say I think I am in love with the city as well.

North Pool NYC 2015 - Lifting in Scrubs

The beauty that I have found lies on the buildings, in the people, the trees hidden within the buildings, the skyline, and so much more. This piece above is by jr-art.net, we saw it somewhere south of Canal street, I can’t remember. Before moving here I had this tourist perspective of the city, I didn’t know what was around me, it was all so big and glorious and unfamiliar. I usually felt pressure to not roam around and get lost, and to keep on time as well. Now, even though things are still unfamiliar I feel more confident with what is around me and own it because now I live here! I don’t feel pressure with catching the train on time or worry about staying in one area because I know how the subway works (to a point, trust me I am still learning) and can easily get on the 6 train at a different stop.

I think this journey here will be something great and beautiful. It wasn’t something I had on my life plan to do (as was nursing school) but here I am and ready to own it. Ill take what ever opportunity or challenge is handed to me and gladly run with it.


3 thoughts on “Looking Out From the Inside.

  1. Hope you’re still loving the city! I was born & raised in upstate NY, frequented the city all the time. After college I moved to the Midwest where I am now… it’s pretty similar to upstate NY, but the winters aren’t as bad. But the worst thing out here? No good pizza. Oh how I miss NY style pizza.


    1. I do love it! I’m trying to find a balance between staying on track with my studies but also taking the time to get out and explore around here when I get the chance. I know what you mean about the food! I am trying my hardest to stay away though haha because it’ll just make a nice dent in my wallet and my belly a little squishier!


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