Studying for Success. 

I wanted to write a post on study tips that I’ll use this coming semester in nursing school and you may even be able to use them yourself! I am more of a visual and kinesthetic learner, I am not big with learning things when it comes to auditory and verbal stimulation. I may have to adapt my ways after I get into things and see the reality of my time. This is a mix of what I have done in the past with studying during undergrad and what i plan to do. Check out this website to see what type of learning style you may be, they even show helpful tips to studying based on the type of learner you are.

Where: I plan to study in our second bedroom that we made into an office, the public library down the road (I still have to go check out before school) or the study areas for the nursing students on campus. I want to do 3-4hour sessions of studying and then take a break by either walking around, eating, or exercise. Something that will take my mind off of studying for that time being and then go back to studying for another 3-4hour session.

When: Directly after class I want to sit down and begin to rewrite my class notes. I also would like to try and study for each class 3-4hours a day. Which is reasonable since I am only taking 3 classes.

How: 1⃣First ill start with matching the power points that are posted online before class with the textbook material. I’ll take these notes on a separate sheet from what Ill do in class. 2⃣Then during class ill take my notes either on printer paper or legal pad paper. 3⃣After class ill begin to rewrite my notes and put together my notes from all 3 places (the power point, textbook, and my class notes). So they are all in one place and nice and neat and organized. Pace has Echo, which record their lectures. 4⃣I used to record some of my lectures in undergrad on my phone actually, so I might utilize this and listen to them at least once while reviewing and rewriting my notes. 5⃣If my notes are written well and organized well, I will go on to making flash cards. I have used Quizlet in the past and you can even print them out from the site as well. But I like to physically write my cards out, it helps me remember better. 6⃣I will also work on questions in the textbook (or if any practice Qs are provided to us) and take notes on the answers. 7⃣Lastly, Study groups before exams to go over and discuss with someone who may have a better understand of a topic that I am having trouble with.

With: When i first begin to study i like to start by myself, make sure I know what I am learning, talking about, and understand most of it. I like to determine what I have questions on and what I need to study more of. After I get that far in learning something, I like to move on to studying with others. Pace U’s nursing program is big on working as a team and supporting each other to make learning easier. I will definitely plan to attend study groups and work with my classmates at this point to further my knowledge. I have found that I remember things better when talking to someone about a topic. You may even be able to see things in a different perspective that could help you understand it better. Study groups the week before tests are always a good idea!

Let me know if this was helpful! And if you have any tips and suggestions that have helped you in the past or currently during nursing school, comment below!


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