Fourth Grade Math isn’t as Simple as it Seems.

I have officially moved out of Plattsburgh and to the real world. Well, not quite to the real world yet. And by the real world I mean somewhere new and out of my comfort zone. I am staying at my boyfriend’s parent’s house until we find an apartment in the city. However, we aren’t planning on looking for an apartment until my boyfriend finds a job (hopefully that happens sooner rather than later!). So we’re still in a transition to beginning our lives together!  I couldn’t be happier though, everything is falling into place

I have a test next week for school and I think it’s going to be a piece of cake. However, sometime things that I think seem easy for me either end up kicking me in the butt or I do better than I thought. They call it a clinical clearance exam that we have to pass in order to begin clinicals in the fall. We are able to retake it if need be come orientation. But why not just pass it the first time. I’ve done the practice questions for a few months now (theres 5 chapters on decimals, fractions, percents, ratios, and proportions) way too many times. I know I’ll be fine but for some reason I always work myself up and think I should study more. Maybe I’m getting nervous because I don’t know what to expect.  And to be honest, they had questions (only 3!) like these on a questionnaire when I went for my interview in February and I got all three wrong. That’s possibly what is bugging me in the back of my head. I keep telling myself though I probably got those wrong because well I didn’t know how to do it, but now I do.

As far as getting ready for school starts, there is that exam in July, orientation in August, classes start September, and clinical starting in October. I am hoping we find an apartment in the city come August because I don’t want that to be something extra I have to worry about when nursing starts.

 Morning Run on Walkway Over the Hudson - lifting in scrubs

We went for a 2 mile run this morning on the Walkway over the Hudson before the gym to do cardio and legs because tomorrow (our normal leg day) we will be going to jersey to visit some family. Running was fine, I did a split pace of 9:33 and 10:59min/mile, which isn’t too bad for me.  When I finished I got so light headed and nauseous, I could barely stand. Which has never happened to me before. We figured it was because I was very dehydrated. So drink drink drink your water! I drank a couple bottles after and bought a protein bar at the gym and felt fine to continue with our leg workout:).

I squatted a max of 135lbs today (8 reps)! A personal record for me, thanks to finally having a spotter. Which is only 5lbs less than my own body weight, which is pretty cool. I’m definitely going to enjoy having my man here to workout with and keep pushing me to do my best.

I’m planning on just hanging around the house today, get some laundry done and relax by the pool. Ill write next week, give you an update on my wonderful fourth grade math test on Monday and fingers crossed with good news on the boyfriend’s job search!


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